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We are vested in delivering sustainable health care to make a positive impact in the development of South Sudan. Our success is driven by partnering with local beneficiaries of our medical services and other organizations with common goals.

Our list major achievements includes:


  • Set up a mobile clinic to serve South Sudanese refugees in Uganda
  • Partnered with Aqua-Africa to deliver clean treated water in a 100,000 Liters tank to supply the Pediatric hospital and surrounding communities
  • Continue to train South Sudanese doctors and nurses to support The Healing Kadi Foundation Mission


  • Broke ground on the construction of the first Pediatric hospital in South Sudan


  • Established and operate an out-patient clinic in Kajokeji, South Sudan for treating patients year around and training local students in the medical profession

Since 2007

  • Conduct annual medical missions to South Sudan to serve the needy in rural areas and treat orphans