2017 Fundraiser Goals

Proceeds from this fundraising will be used to purchase medical essentials needed to establish and run the mobile clinic at the refugee camps.

Staff Salaries: $88,176 (annually)

This salaries covers (3) medical doctors, (2) nurses, (1) laboratory technician, (1) medicine dispenser, (2) drivers, and (1) support staff.

Medicines: $32,000 (annually)

This is the cost of purchasing medicines for the mobile clinic in Uganda.

Portable Medic Tents: $4,500 (one-time)

There are no permanent structures at the refugee camps that are dedicated for medical treatment. We need three portable tents (10x10 feet) to be used for patient recovery.

Office Space Rent: $6,400 (annually)

The operation base of the mobile clinic will be located near Moyo town due to availability of permanent structures. The base will include office spaces for the doctors and nurses and a medicine storage room. The proximity of the office to Moyo town will also facilitate meetings and interactions with the other health partners serving the refugees.

SUV Staff Transport: $55,000 (one-time)

The average distance between Moyo town and the refugee camps is 45 miles; however, it takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to travel driving. The dirt roads are full of ruts that becomes almost impassable during the rain season, which runs between March and November. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to buy a All-Wheel SUV for transporting medicines, medical essentials, and the clinic staff. Toyotas are preferred over other vehicles because they are readily available in Uganda which means that their auto parts are readily available. The amount of $55,000 is the cost of a new SUV bought in Uganda.

Ambulance: $55,000 (one-time)

The main referral hospital is located in Moyo town which takes hours walking from the refugees camps. Access to an ambulance during an emergency will facilitate the transfer of critical medical cases to the referral hospital in Moyo town. The population of Moyo district more than doubled due to the influx of refugees from South Sudan. The ambulance will be similar to the SUV except that it will be out-fitted with medical essentials for transporting patients.

Fuel Cost and Maintenance: $12,000 (annually)

This cost covers fuel and maintenance of the two vehicles. The roads in Northern Uganda are unpaved and full of pot holes which leads to poor vehicle gas mileage. The travel distance for the mobile clinic is approximately 200 miles round trip. Regular maintenance of the vehicles is key to sustaining the mobile clinic.

Tire Replacements and Rotations: $2,571.40 (annually)

This cost is separated from maintenance to reflect the frequency of flat tires due to poor road conditions. Based on experience of vehicle owners in Northern Uganda, tire replacements and rotations will likely occur frequently.